UNSW Climate Change Experts Media Guide 2015

As the UN climate change talks begin in Paris, UNSW academics working in a range of disciplines are available for comment.


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As the UN climate change talks begin in Paris, UNSW academics working in a range of disciplines are available for comment.

For after-hours enquiries please call Steve Offner on 0424 580 208 or Denise Knight on 0405 207 685.


  Areas of expertise

  Contact details

Associate Professor Lisa Alexander

Extreme weather events, climate data sets – temps, rainfall

 (02) 9385 8954 



Daniel Argueso (Post- Doctoral Research Fellow)

Regional climate projections, urban climate/urban heat island, heatwaves, climate extremes

 (02) 9385 4628


Dr Markus Donat

Climate extremes and datasets. Primarily heat-based metrics

 (02) 9385 8963


Dr Renate Egan

Photovoltaics - we can have a strong solar industry


Professor Matthew England

Oceans, El Niño, hiatus period, warming of the  oceans. Very good generalist  commentator on most things  climate change related

(02) 9385 7065



Associate Professor Jason Evans

Regional climate, water resources, regional climate changes in south-east Australia

 (02) 9385 7066



Dr Chris Fogwill

Glacial geologist and paleoclimate. Cryosphere (ice regions) and climate change. Antarctica and Arctic. Sea level changes.




Dr Donna Green

Domestic and international energy and climate policy

Health and climate change

International equity

 (02) 9385 8956



Associate Professor Melissa Haswell

Potential harms associated with unconventional gas mining and coal mining in  Sydney's water catchment;  Aboriginal health. Health and social benefits of climate change action

 (02) 9385 3324


Dr Matthew Kearnes

Social dimensions of climate

 (02) 9385 1010




Professor Jane McAdam

Displacement/migration of climate refugees

 (02) 9385 2210 



Associate Professor Iain MacGill 

Smart grids, smart homes and integrating renewable energy into the electricity industry


Professor Jeremy Moss

Political philosophy – climate justice, the ethics of renewable energy as well as the ethical issues associated with unconventional gas and  fossil fuel exports.

(02) 93852357



Associate Professor Ben Newell

Psychology - Need to communicate risk better

 (02) 9385 1606



Dr Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick

Extremes, heatwaves, fire weather. See scorcher.org.au 

 (02) 9385 0367



Professor Andy Pitman

Broad expertise on most aspects of climate science. High specialization in land- based impacts, insurance impacts, bushfires and bushfire weather

 (02) 9385 7075 




Professor Deo Prasad

Built environment – construct sustainable buildings and cities to help reduce energy costs

 (02) 9385 4868



Professor Rosemary Rayfuse

Legal aspects of climate change in relation to the oceans, including sea level rise and ocean acidification; the impacts on marine and terrestrial biodiversity; and  geo- or climate engineering

 (02) 9385 2059




Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla

Sustainable materials research and technology – replacing  coal and coke with waste  plastics and rubber in the  steelmaking industry.

 (02) 9385 4426


Visiting Professorial Fellow Peter Sainsbury

Political commentary, policy  and the health and social  aspects of climate change

 (02) 8738 5718




Dr Agus Santoso

El Niño (discovered the processes causing super El Niños). La Niñas. Climate variability and impacts

 (02) 9385 8952



Dr Alex Sen Gupta

General commentator on large scale climate matters, including El Niño / La Niña, hiatus period, ocean warming

 (02) 9385 8951



Professor Steve Sherwood

Atmosphere, cloud formation, climate sensitivity

 (02) 9385 8690


Professor Chris Turney

Polar regions and climate change. Paeloclimate. Past climates and what that means for the future under climate change

 (02) 9385 8647