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6 August 13

A UNSW spinoff company with a promising optical sensor technology has declined a $10 million Chinese offer to move offshore, opting instead to pursue their start-up dream in Australia.

5 August 13

Promising research on green tea’s anti-cancer properties has been recognised in the State's top cancer research awards - one of three prizes won by UNSW.

5 August 13

There is a hole in the Australian public administration where a space agency should be, writes Andrew Dempster.

3 August 13

The banks are howling in protest but the new levy on bank deposits is a good idea that should have been introduced in 2008, writes Ross Buckley. 

2 August 13

A major new fossil site has been discovered by UNSW scientists beyond the boundaries of the famous Riversleigh World Heritage area in north-western Queensland. 

2 August 13

UNSW has once again achieved a QS Five Star Plus rating for excellence, one of only eight universities in the world to receive the honour.

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2 August 13

Solar engineers at UNSW will play a vital role supporting the southern hemisphere’s largest photovoltaic power station, expected to power 50,000 Australian homes by 2015.

2 August 13

Sydney jazz musicians are using the sound and images of the human heart as part of their musical performance for National Science Week.

2 August 13

Changes to fundamentals in the US economy are important and positive, not in the least the shale gas revolutuon that is making America a re-emergent manufacturing power, says Geoffrey Garrett.  

2 August 13

UNSW researchers are finalists in nine categories of the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes, including an innovative project demonstrating the importance of dingoes to sustaining Australian biodiversity. VIDEO