Social Affairs

05 September 2012
Successive Australian governments have skewed our defence priorities and failed our soldiers, argues Alan Stephens.
Associate Professor Sarah Maddison
31 August 2012
Australians are hungry for some vision in our politics and for some debate on the big-picture questions about how we see ourselves as a nation. But can our politicians deliver, asks Sarah Maddison.
28 August 2012
UNSW's Brigitta Olubas will host the first symposium to celebrate the work of Shirley Hazzard, one of Australia’s most significant expat authors. The NY event will feature distinguished writers from Australia, the US and UK.
Bare bulb
24 August 2012
Rising electricity costs have led to a state of energy poverty for low-income households, often leading to ill health and social deprivation, research has found.
Dr Zora Simic
24 August 2012
Comments from male politicians such as British MP George Galloway have revealed cultural assumptions about rape that originate from some powerful myths about this sex crime, writes Zora Simic.
22 August 2012
To suggest that some forms of rape earn that name more legitimately than others, as Todd Atkin has done, is to defend the agenda of the rapist, argues Rob Brooks.
20 August 2012
As major newspapers in Australia prepare to move to digital-first models, the old idea of a journalistic "priesthood" imparting wisdom to many is shifting, write David McKnight and Penny O'Donnell.
08 August 2012
What's been largely lost in the heated debate over fee deregulation is the urgency of the financial situation facing our universities, writes Vice-Chancellor Professor Fred Hilmer.
08 August 2012
Economically disadvantaged young people suppress their own needs to protect their parents from social stigma, missing out on educational and social opportunities, a study has found.
01 August 2012
The NSW government's discussion paper has raised important issues and the Council of Deans of Education will collaborate to improve teaching quality, write Peter Aubusson and Chris Davison.
31 July 2012
An Australian-first survey co-authored by David McKnight shows that despite newspapers moving online, the majority of media professionals are still committed to quality, ethical journalism.
Professor Ross Buckley
27 July 2012
For 20 years China's foreign policies were a model of the subtle but effective pursuit of self-interest. But in the past two years, they have seemingly lost the plot, writes Ross Buckley.
26 July 2012
While the US is critical of Australia's recent cuts to defence spending, what matters is not how much you spend, but how and where you spend it, argues Alan Stephens.
Ian Bickerton
23 July 2012
Resolution of the war in Afghanistan requires the Taliban, the American and Karzai governments to recognise that victory, in any military sense, is illusory and cannot be fully realised, argues Ian Bickerton.
Jo Coghlan
23 July 2012
With the Green’s now contesting almost all local, state and federal seats and steady increases in its primary vote, Labor should be worried about getting into two-party races with them, writes Jo Coghlan.
19 July 2012
Despite being a late starter, Australia stands a 50/50 chance of being elected to the United Nations Security Council, former NZ Ambassador to the UN, Colin Keating, has told a UNSW audience.
18 July 2012
A recent report had cycling rates in Australia declining over the past 25 years. But a re-analysis of the data shows a very different result, according to UNSW experts.
17 July 2012
We will continue to live with ongoing alcohol-related violence unless we reduce alcohol availability, ban alcohol advertising and increase its price, argues Anthony Shakeshaft.
05 July 2012
Like dancing and singing, humour is another means for pollies to connect with the people although, like explosives, it can be difficult to handle, writes Mark Rolfe.
02 July 2012
The time has come for every Australian man to take the issue of violence against women seriously, and to stand up against sexual violence in his community, writes Chloe Angyal.
28 June 2012
The world should bypass the UN because it is politically paralysed, argues Ned Dobos.
26 June 2012
After the latest boat disaster, the coalition and the Greens must rethink their position, writes Clive Kessler.
26 June 2012
The largest study ever undertaken in Australia to investigate the production and consumption of recycled water will be led by the Journalism and Media Research Centre.
21 June 2012
Gina Rinehart will face a journalistic workforce with a history of pushing back against attempts to interfere with journalism, writes David McKnight.
20 June 2012
The discovery of a forgotten collection of banned books by UNSW Canberra’s Nicole Moore brings to life the colourful history of Australian censorship.