Social Affairs

23 January 2012
As the summer holidays wind down, most students are avoiding thinking about school, but for more than 100 gifted children from across NSW, classes have already begun.
20 January 2012
A panel of experts, including UNSW’s Pat Dodson and Megan Davis, has recommended formal recognition of Indigenous people in the Constitution and the removal of racially discriminatory laws.
19 January 2012
OPINION: Relations between the United States and its ally Israel have descended into the worst crisis in years. Anthony Billingsley questions whether the situation will end in conflict.
17 January 2012
OPINION: Beyond composting the kitchen scraps and making sure the bottles and paper go in the yellow bin, most of us are reluctant to pay the real price of our profligate lifestyles, writes Jenny Stewart.
11 January 2012
Social media is revolutionising disaster management and community building during and after emergencies, research into last year’s Queensland floods has found.
09 January 2012
OPINION: People under 50 need protection from the proposed increase in super contributions because many are under financial stress, writes Dr Bruce Bradbury.
20 December 2011
Looking for summer story ideas and experts? From eye protection and skin cancer to binge drinking, rips and road safety, UNSW researchers are available for comment over the holidays.
16 December 2011
OPINION: The so-called obesity epidemic is a more complex picture than the statistics would have us believe, writes Professor Jenny Stewart in The Canberra Times.
16 December 2011
A UNSW project exposing widespread sexual violence in international refugee camps has resulted in a commitment to act from the UNHCR.
16 December 2011
The number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds enrolling at university is set to increase following a $4.6 million expansion of UNSW’s ASPIRE program.
Dr Peter Stanley, Visiting Fellow, UNSW@ADFA
09 December 2011
UNSW and NewSouth Publishing have capped off a great year in book publishing with double wins in the Prime Minister’s Prize for Australian History.
08 December 2011
OPINION: Thirty years on, Australia is still well positioned to take the lead in HIV prevention, writes Professor John de Wit.
07 December 2011
OPINION: It's Christmas - a time for giving. We can make a difference, but there are important points to consider before we open our wallets, writes Gina Anderson, from UNSW's Centre for Social Impact.
07 December 2011
There is a direct link between domestic violence and productivity in the workplace, a UNSW study has found.
01 December 2011
A national study has found that parents and teachers of gifted children support academic acceleration but have concerns about the emotional impact of fast-tracking learning.
30 November 2011
OPINION: The danger is that national statistics end up measuring what it is easiest rather than that which is important, writes Peter Shergold in the National Times.
15 November 2011
Fraud in Australia, how mammals evolved large brains, and the possibility of Pacific communities being relocated due to climate change are some of the areas to receive funding in the latest round of ARC grants.
15 November 2011
One of Ireland's most distinguished historians has put the spotlight on the myths surrounding the Irish in Australia in a major address at UNSW.
09 November 2011
In a first for Australia, UNSW will offer most of its intellectual property to companies for free, in a radical step to turn more university research into real-world applications.
08 November 2011
Eleanor Bath, a UNSW science student with a fascination for evolutionary biology, has won the 2012 NSW Rhodes Scholarship.
08 November 2011
Three luminaries with links to UNSW's Faculty of Built Environment have been recognised for their work with National Architecture awards.
01 November 2011
UNSW researchers have topped the state in the latest round of Australian Research Council grants, receiving $33 million for 110 projects.
21 October 2011
Designs from UNSW interior architecture students could form the heart of the proposed cultural centre under the Barangaroo headland.
21 October 2011
Colonel Gaddafi's death marks the end of his dictatorship but reconstructing regional unity in Libya will be complex, says Dr Anthony Billingsley.
14 October 2011
Professor Alan Dupont, one of Australia's foremost strategic thinkers, will join UNSW to head up a new institute on international security.