Social Affairs

08 November 2011
Eleanor Bath, a UNSW science student with a fascination for evolutionary biology, has won the 2012 NSW Rhodes Scholarship.
01 November 2011
UNSW researchers have topped the state in the latest round of Australian Research Council grants, receiving $33 million for 110 projects.
21 October 2011
Designs from UNSW interior architecture students could form the heart of the proposed cultural centre under the Barangaroo headland.
21 October 2011
Colonel Gaddafi's death marks the end of his dictatorship but reconstructing regional unity in Libya will be complex, says Dr Anthony Billingsley.
14 October 2011
The Egyptian government's response to the killing of Coptic Christians confirms that only military withdrawal will allow the country to attain democracy, writes Dr Anthony Billingsley.
14 October 2011
Professor Alan Dupont, one of Australia's foremost strategic thinkers, will join UNSW to head up a new institute on international security.
14 October 2011
UNSW is joining hundreds of partners around Australia to host events to mark Anti-Poverty Week, aimed at helping the world's poorest and most disadvantaged.
30 September 2011
Masters recipient Ngatho Mugo, who has just been made an Australian Youth Ambassador, is one step closer to her dream of helping her native Southern Sudan.
16 September 2011
Spring has sprung at UNSW this week with a group of mature-age Indigenous students exploring a fresh start to their education at the Nura Gili Spring Forum.
09 September 2011
UNSW's international reputation as a leading research-intensive university has been reinforced with its ranking in the world's top 50 universities.
06 September 2011
The university landscape is transforming globally and with it the path to career success for the modern academic. In the latest issue of Uniken, we look at the changes facing academia.
30 August 2011
Come along to UNSW Open Day to find the right information to help you choose your ideal undergraduate program.
23 August 2011
A review into early childhood education funding conducted by Professor Deborah Brennan from UNSW's Social Policy Research Centre aims to increase the affordability of preschool for NSW families.
23 August 2011
Muammar Gaddafi is almost gone but what does the future hold for Libya? Middle East expert Dr Anthony Billingsley considers the role of the law, tribalism and democracy after the collapse of the regime.
18 August 2011
UNSW graduates perform at the highest levels in securing jobs and top starting salaries, with the University scoring eight five-star ratings in the 2012 Good Universities Guide.
12 August 2011
A team of more than 70 staff from the Lowy Cancer Research Centre are running the City2Surf to honour their colleague Dr Tom Bee, who died last year aged 27.
10 August 2011
It is that time of year, when year 12 students are more sleep deprived than usual and the question "What are you doing after school?" is echoing across high schools.
15 July 2011
UNSW is supporting a joint study into the extension of light rail line to its main campus in Randwick, with transport a critical issue for the University's 50,000 students and staff.
12 July 2011
A record number of Indigenous high school students has graduated from the Nura Gili Winter School, the country's largest uni preparation program, supported by UBS.
12 July 2011
Everyone earning up to $80,000 a year will be a winner from the carbon package tax cuts, says Professor Peter Whiteford from the Social Policy Research Centre.
08 July 2011
Traditional gender roles in work and parenting can be rebalanced if women leave more care giving responsibilities to their partners, argues Associate Professor Lyn Craig from UNSW's Social Policy Research Centre.
06 July 2011
Young women today are just as likely as 1950s housewives to want taller husbands who earn more money than them, says Stanford Professor Paula England speaking at the Australian Social Policy Conference at UNSW.
01 July 2011
The outstanding contributions of UNSW staff to improving student learning have been recognised with seven citations from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.
28 June 2011
Military historian Bob Hall has turned a tour of duty in Vietnam into a life's work. His team at UNSW@ADFA has identified the burial sites of thousands of Viet Cong missing in action.
24 June 2011
Academics from the Centre for Refugee Research have presented a statement to the UNHCR in Geneva condemning the Australian government's proposed refugee deal with Malaysia.