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25 February 15

The government needs to think very carefully before responding to the Productivity Commission’s report into childcare and early childhood learning, write Deb Brennan and Elizabeth Adamson.

24 February 15

Proposed changes to Australian citizenship will likely be limited in effectiveness, challenging to implement and possibly counter-productive, writes Sangeetha Pillai.

24 February 15

Twelve young scientists and engineers are vying for a spot in the ‘Top 5 under 40’ program, an initiative of UNSW and ABC Radio National to mark 40 years of The Science Show.

24 February 15

Prime Minister Tony Abbott speaks the tough language of the post 9/11 era as he pushes for laws we don’t need, writes Fergal Davis.

Dr Phoebe Phillips
23 February 15

As a researcher working on new treatments for pancreatic cancer and the wife of a cancer survivor, Dr Phoebe Phillips knows better than most the importance of medical research.

23 February 15

The idea that we can achieve happiness by maximising pleasure and minimising pain is both intuitive and popular, but untrue, writes Brock Bastian.

23_Damien Limburger
23 February 15

If the key to reducing the health inequalities experienced by rural communities lies in better access to health care, then the federal government is treading a very delicate path, writes Damien Limberger.

23 February 15

New students can embrace everything uni has to offer at UNSW O Week, one of Australia's biggest celebrations to kick off the 2015 academic year.

23 February 15

The Australian government's response to the quashing of David Hicks' conviction for providing material support to terrorism has been underwhelming, writes George Williams.

23 February 15

It is synonymous with an Aussie summer but the humble backyard hose could be a breeding ground for legionella bacteria, UNSW research has found.