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19 February 15

The Abbott government’s expedited passage of national security laws in 2014 demonstrated an underlying disrespect for the legislative process, writes Gabrielle Appleby.

19 February 15

Women’s refuges play an important role in assisting women and children escape violence, writes Jane Bullen.

Professor Gordon Parker AO
19 February 15

UNSW researchers have identified a distinctive brain signature in people with melancholic depression, supporting calls for its classification as a unique mood disorder type.  

Justice Peter McClellan
18 February 15

A UNSW-led study into the long-term impacts of growing up in care has been launched by Justice Peter McClellan, who described it as an important step in strengthening the voice of 'Forgotten Australians'.

gordi publicity shot
18 February 15

From ward rounds to sellout crowds, UNSW medical student Sophie Payten strikes the perfect chord.

17 February 15

Tech-loving snowboarders and skiers will get a head start with the world’s first intelligent snow sports helmet, created by three UNSW graduates.

17 February 15

Proposed 'ag gag' laws before parliament are designed to prevent activists from sharing evidence of animal suffering with the community, writes Siobhan O’Sullivan.

Emma Barrett photo
17 February 15

Adolescents with substance abuse problems could benefit from a new treatment approach developed by a UNSW researcher awarded a prestigious Fulbright scholarship.

16 February 15

Imagine how easy life would be if you could produce offspring without a mate, write Angela Crean, Nathan Burke and Russell Bonduriansky.

13 February 15

Australians must be vigilant to ensure they are not inadvertently supporting terrorist organisations when they make donations to charity, writes Stephen Dametto.