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27 May 14

Winter warmth may be welcome but it can have adverse impacts –  and the damage may not be obvious until it is too late, writes Sarah Perkins.

26_Leanne Dowse
26 May 14

The NSW government has announced Associate Professor Leanne Dowse as the University's inaugural Chair in Intellectual Disability and Behaviour Support.

26 May 14

The challenge for Australia is to help persuade Beijing that muscular unilateralism is contrary to China’s own interests as well as the region’s, writes Alan Dupont.

23 May 14

The author of A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing, Eimear McBride, has described the method behind her unusual writing style at a Sydney Writers’ Festival event at UNSW.

23 May 14

Science suggests winking is an inherently ambiguous gesture and context makes all the difference to interpretation, as Prime Minister Tony Abbott has discovered.

23 May 14

UNSW PhD student Christoph Ummenhofer will travel to Germany in July to find ways to improve the efficiency of residential co-generation power plants.

23 May 14

The adoption of a common fund approach for class actions rather than the ill-fitting contingency fee would involve little extra work for courts and lawyers, writes Michael Legg.

23 May 14

The government’s proposal for a $7 co-payment for GP visits requires careful evaluation to ensure those in need are not deterred from necessary help, write John Kaldor and Nicholas Zwar.

22 May 14

The unique scientific features of Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station were showcased, and a new artists' studio opened, during a recent visit by senior staff to the remote UNSW property near Broken Hill.

(Credit: Rana Weaver)
21 May 14

UNSW researchers are a step closer to demonstrating that explosives – rather than water – could be used to extinguish an out-of-control bushfire.