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9 July 13

An expansion of concrete and asphalt on the fringes of our cities could see urban temperatures rise by as much as 3.7 degrees, UNSW research shows.

8 July 13

UNSW will play a key role in a new National Centre for Asia Capability, aimed at increasing Australia's knowledge of and dialogue with the region.

8 July 13

A smartphone app that doubles as a navigation aid is giving people with a visual impairment the confidence to explore.

5 July 13

No one side of politics “owns” the China relationship and the Opposition must move beyond an Anglo-centric view of foreign relations if it wins government, Foreign Minister Bob Carr has told a UNSW audience.

5 July 13

UNSW will host the annual scientific meeting of the Australian Mammal Society, a thee-day conference focusing on the conservation and management of a wide range of mammal species.

Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, News Corporation (Credit: Monika Flueckiger/Wikimedia Commons)
5 July 13

Rupert Murdoch embodies a culture of contempt for rules and balanced reporting, which continues to persist at News Corporation, argues David McKnight.

Twin brothers Douglas (Left) and Alex Dunn from the UNSW School of Chemical Engineering
5 July 13

Twin brothers Alex and Douglas Dunn have won prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowships to continue their cancer research in London.

5 July 13

Paradoxically, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's centralised intervention to reform the troubled New South Wales branch of the Labor Party, could help revive the party at its roots, argues UNSW's Mark Rolfe.

5 July 13

UNSW physicists have studied a distant star where gravity is more than 30,000 times greater than on Earth to test their controversial theory that one of the constants of Nature is not a constant.

4 July 13

Australia has an export base that is spread far and wide across the globe but concentrated enough in the bigger markets for exporters to get a good bang for their buck, writes Tim Harcourt.