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In recent years we have failed to apply some of the basic tenets of the competition policy reforms of the 1990s. The cost is our dire productivity performance, writes Vice-Chancellor Fred Hilmer. 

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It's easy to feel disheartened by the bombardment of negative statistics about Indigenous health, but we shouldn't ignore the many successes, writes Lisa Jackson Pulver.

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Tropfest is one of the most prestigious awards available to up-and-coming short filmmakers. And on Sunday it was awarded to a gross-out film that has offended and alienated many in its target audience, writes Greg Dolgopolov. 

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Educationl games are proving to be disruptive technology, yet not all are created equal. Teachers must work out which ones empower students while avoiding the same old teacher-dominated pedagogy, writes Dean Groom. 

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We live in an unprecedented time in human history where the limits to population growth and economic development are in clear sight, write Bruce Henry and Isaac Donnelly.


Earlier this year, Queensland scientists launched a $14 million scramjet in Norway that didn't reach the conditions required to collect data as planned. But was it a failure? Absolutely not, argues Russell Boyce.

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The poor PISA results for Australian students in science and maths need to be urgently addressed, writes Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Iain Martin. 

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The more we learn about Australia's spying in East Timor and the Attorney-General's role in approving ASIO search warrants, the stronger the case becomes for a full parliamentary inquiry, writes Christopher Michaelsen.  

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It is not sufficient for boards to merely rely on the existence of company insider-trading policies as a defensive mechanism, write Tim L'Estrange and Michael Legg.  

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The trend to a longer life and an older population means Australia faces a major demographic change. We need to implement coping policies now, writes John Piggott.