house for rent

One in four Australian households now rent their homes in the private rental market. Flexibility and lifestyle are key reasons some choose to rent even if they can afford to buy a home.

electric car

There's still a long road ahead in the electric car revolution. But Australia can learn from New Zealand's policies to boost electric car sales.

Iowa caucus 2020

The Iowa caucuses have been criticised for being unrepresentative. But there are good reasons for small states to go first in the US primary process.

Indonesia is largely covered in the press in Australia these days – mainly about the three B’s – boats, beef and Bali.

Economist Tim Harcourt discusses the Indonesian-Australian economic partnership ahead of the arrival of Indonesian President Joko Widodo. 

wearing a face mask

The use of face masks is becoming more common, but do they really protect against coronavirus?

kangaroos in a paddock

Pressure is mounting on fashion producers to stop using skins from Australian native animals. But Indigenous people are reviving traditions and there are ethical ways for trade to continue.

The UK is officially leaving the EU today – 31 January 2020 at 11pm.

Economist Tim Harcourt interviewed Australian exporters and diplomats to obtain their views on trade and the economy following Brexit.


Research has shown if students are not given problem-solving opportunities after they have learnt the basics, their learning can decline.


People die protecting homes. They are wrong to believe their homes will protect them.

exterior of the wuhan hospital building at night

The 1918 Spanish Flu, the 1957-1958 Asian Flu and the 2001-2002 SARS pandemic give us a frame of reference.