Spring 2015

They’re young, smart and forging new frontiers in the science of the mind. Meet psychology’s emerging research leaders.

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Australian parliaments are moving to criminalise the undercover work of animal activists. Siobhan O’Sullivan believes the laws are bad news for democracy.

Something is slowly killing our tax base, but what? UNSW’s Jeffrey Knapp and Fairfax’s Michael West are on the case. 

Welcome to the Spring Issue  of UNSW magazine – Uniken. 

UNSW's top news stories.

UNSW scientists working on quantum computing, marine science and threatened ecosystems have won three prestigious Australian Museum Eureka Prizes.

It has turned out football stars and foreign ministers, yet Matraville Sports High School has struggled to attract students. Now, with help from UNSW, it is reclaiming its place in the community.

Marlene Kong believes you need to experience disadvantage to really understand it. That’s why it’s time for more Indigenous-led medical research.

An initiative of UNSW Law puts the Faculty at the forefront of understanding China’s business environment. 

Using state-of-the-art technology, Built Environment’s Catherine Bridge is working with industry to develop a new generation of products that will empower older Australians to live in their homes for longer. 

Scientist and filmmaker Daniel Hunter believes “re-wilding” is the best way to battle the invasive predators driving many species to extinction.

With a GoPro camera strapped to her chest, Brenda L Croft is documenting her family history straight from the heart.

The latest books by UNSW academics.

The international law expert talks about her solitary, often nail-biting treks and why we shouldn’t mess with Mother Nature.