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Staffed by experienced journalists, the UNSW Corporate Communications and Media & Content teams promote newsworthy research and other achievements of the University through external media, the UNSW Newsroom and key corporate publications. The teams also publish a fortnightly staff e-newsletter, Inside UNSW.

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Inside UNSW

Inside UNSW is the fortnightly staff e-newsletter containing news on the latest developments affecting UNSW. 

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Experts Registration/Update - for UNSW staff only

The Media Experts Database is a reference source for Media Office staff who field media enquiries, and for external journalists and media professionals seeking expert academic comment on a range of issues.

Some details - such as home contact numbers - are kept confidential by the Media Office, while others are made available to external media via the Media Experts Database web page.

All updates to existing researcher profiles are now carried out through the UNSW Research Gateway. Click here to update your expert profile