Summer 2015/16

Scientists Stefan Rahmstorf and Matt England explain why time is running out to act on global warming.

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Regardless of the outcome in Paris, UNSW researchers are forging ahead with multidisciplinary solutions to help us avoid the worst impacts of a warmer future.

How we react to the greatest challenge of our generation is all in the mind. Ben Newell explains.

In the PNG highlands, lives have been changed and clan wars averted through the introduction of an unlikely peacemaker – fish. 

UNSW medical students have committed to working in some of Australia’s most remote locations. For one, working in an Indigenous community has been a revelation.

As it looks to the next decade, UNSW will pursue excellence in research while also rewarding inspiring teachers. 

Australia’s greatest living architect Glenn Murcutt and UNSW graduate Matt Chan discuss their appreciation of timeless design, experimentation, and why more architects should teach.

The new Dean of Medicine is on a mission to transform the faculty into one of the world’s best, and there’s no free time for lunches. 

Even the most stable moral compass can be damaged by war. UNSW Canberra researcher Tom Frame explains the inner injury that arises when good people witness terrible things.

In a city brought to its knees by austerity, filmmaker Mary Zournazi describes an unlikely wellspring of dignity and hope.

It took 10 years and several billion kilometres for space systems engineer Sean Tuttle to learn that his ingenuity had paid off. 

Wild Researchers is a unique collaboration between UNSW and award-winning photographer Tamara Dean that transports us outside the lab and into the elements.

The landscapes of loss and memory are fertile grounds for researcher Katrina Simon.

Final-year Bachelor of Design student James Lim’s One Degree harks back to the heyday of neon lighting. 

The 26-year-old lecturer in International Relations and Development talks about starting university at 13 and why age shouldn’t dictate capability.

The latest books by UNSW academics.

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From quantum qubits to research role models, 2015 was a year of outstanding achievements.