artificial intelligence

Srikumar Venugopal
08 April 2014
UNSW researchers are using artificial intelligence to create a computer network that is able to regulate its own consumption of public cloud services.
Dr Nina Narodytska from UNSW and NICTA
19 July 2013
A UNSW scientist who solved a long-standing computational problem has cracked a prestigious list of up-and-coming artificial intelligence (AI) researchers.
rUNSWift competes at RoboCup (Credit: Brad Hall)
05 July 2012
A team of UNSW software engineers has won the bronze medal in the annual RoboCup competition, where autonomous humanoid robots compete for supremacy on the soccer pitch.
High schoolers get a head start with a university-level computing course at UNSW
16 January 2012
For a select group of high schoolers, UNSW is offering a unique chance to kick-start their university education with a credited, extracurricular computing course.
22 February 2011
A world-first artificial intelligence film experience, developed at UNSW's iCinema, is one of the centrepieces of this year's Sydney Film Festival.
06 June 2008
UNSW Conjoint Professor Toby Walsh has become the first Australian in a decade to be admitted as a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.