City Futures Research Centre

19 December 2014
Provision of affordable housing cannot be left to the market: it requires a commitment of government at all levels to develop well-integrated and properly funded policies, write Bill Randolph, Hal Pawson and Vivienne Milligan.
06 May 2014
Much of our planning policy relies on older people moving into smaller dwellings. But UNSW research shows downsizing is having little attraction for retirees.  
21 May 2012
A UNSW study of strata titled homes has found there are major problems with strata living, as 85 per cent of owners surveyed reported defects in new buildings.
UNSW Fulbright Scholars 2012
16 March 2012
Four UNSW rising stars have been awarded prestigious Fulbright scholarships to undertake research in the United States.
10 June 2011
Many strata executive committee members are ill-equipped to deal with complex problems that can affect quality of life and property values, new research shows.
01 March 2011
Left to the market, Sydney will become ever more polarised and unequal in the distribution of affordable housing and the good life, writes Professor Bill Randolph.
12 October 2010
Creating healthier cities to reduce the pressure on our overburdened health system will be the topic of the Utzon Lecture at UNSW on Wednesday, October 13.
06 October 2010
Many older Australians are living in large homes that could be considered under-utilised but almost none want to downsize, UNSW researchers have found.
18 June 2010
Proposals for Sydney's urban renewal ignore some of the basic realities of residential demand, a UNSW housing expert has warned.
11 February 2010
NSW Health officials have launched a new initiative with UNSW planning experts to investigate how to create healthier cities and suburbs.
18 December 2009
Most Australians believe climate change is happening now and is caused by human activity, according to preliminary results from a new national survey.
11 August 2009
High-density housing may be the answer to Sydney's urban sprawl but it risks creating an unsustainable society where many apartment dwellers are unhappy in their homes, new research has found.
03 October 2008
Simply rezoning land for higher-density residential use is unlikely to be enough to meet the NSW Government's Metropolitan Strategy, UNSW research has found.
02 November 2007
Apartment living is seen as a desirable long-term option, but people who live in apartments have a lower usage of public transport than might be assumed, according to new research by the City Futures Research Centre at the University of New South Wales.