05 June 2014
We are about to be hit with a “tsunami” of changes caused by radical developments in anti-ageing technologies, predicts UNSW Professor David Sinclair, who’s been recognised with a major national research medal. 
Nervous system
13 June 2012
Researchers say an emerging biomarker may lead to new approaches for treating diabetics at risk of developing nerve damage.
13 September 2011
UNSW PhD candidate, Cara Young, is working on a new therapy for type 1 diabetes. She is exploring techniques to prevent rejection of insulin-producing cells.
21 October 2010
Medical researchers have for the first time shown a link between a father's high fat diet at the time of conception and a risk of diabetes in his offspring.
20 October 2008
UNSW research has highlighted a link between childhood obesity and a mother's diet before and during pregnancy.
29 August 2007
An alarming increase in the incidence of diabetes in children is unlikely to be linked to the flu virus, UNSW medical researchers say.