13 February 2015
Australians must be vigilant to ensure they are not inadvertently supporting terrorist organisations when they make donations to charity, writes Stephen Dametto.
20 October 2014
Mike Baird has announced changes to the state's political finance laws,but they may be overturned by a constitutional challenge lodged by former Newcastle lord mayor Jeff McCloy, writes George Williams.
20 October 2014
There is an old truism about prisons: if you build them, you will fill them. But there are better ways to invest in a better, safer society, write Sarah Hopkins and Gino Vumbaca.
15 November 2013
With the resumption of Federal Parliament the new ministry will be out to prove that it is not just talk, and small businesses desperately need action, writes Frank Zumbo. 
04 September 2013
UNSW has launched a major research project on the internationalisation of the Chinese currency and its implications for global financial markets.
Former Prime Minister, the Hon John Howard (Credit: Wikimedia)
20 June 2013
UNSW will honour the outstanding achievements of former Prime Minister John Howard with the degree of Doctor of Laws at a ceremony this morning.
20 June 2013
Law enforcement still accounts for the lion's share of governments' spending on illicit drugs, according to the first comprehensive review in a decade.
12 April 2013
The legal penalties associated with sexting are too harsh, and adult reactions can increase young people’s sense of shame, UNSW-led research has found.
17 January 2013
When Deniz Kayis starts her combined Engineering/Law degree at UNSW this year, she will join a small but growing band of women choosing Engineering as a career path.
19 December 2012
An overhaul of UNSW’s undergraduate law degree for 2013 will nurture a new type of global lawyer and set the standard for legal education in Australia.
Michael Legg 2011
16 March 2012
The problem with class actions that are backed by litigation funders is that a lawyer in such a case may give preference to the wishes of the funder, writes Associate Professor Michael Legg .
08 March 2012
For all the heartache, media coverage and long legal argument, we are no closer to knowing how Caroline Byrne met her death at The Gap, writes Professor David Dixon.
Sean Brennan
17 February 2012
The constitutional referendum plan, which has been clouded by confusion and negativity, now requires some fair discussion and consideration, writes Sean Brennan.
Michael Legg 2011
12 December 2011
OPINION: As satisfying as it may seem to announce that you’ll see your adversary in court, a good lawyer may be duty bound to tell you otherwise, writes Associate Professor Michael Legg.
06 December 2011
OPINION: People smugglers have a reputation almost as low as paedophiles and terrorists. Australians may not like them but this does not excuse unjust laws, writes Professor George Williams in the SMH.
UNSW graduate Chris Lowe
02 December 2011
From the battlefields of Kandahar, ADFA graduate Chris Lowe is off to the US as a John Monash scholar to develop smarter autonomous aircraft.
24 November 2011
The future shape of dispute resolution including the role of the judge and lawyer will be the topic of a major international conference at UNSW (1-2 December).
13 May 2011
Australia and the United States should not be afraid to shine a spotlight on nations in the region that fall short on their human rights obligations, US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich has told a UNSW audience.
17 March 2011
Professor Ross Buckley, from the School of Law, and PhD candidate in medicine, Benjamin Cheah, will undertake research in the US this year, after winning prestigious Fulbright scholarships.
08 June 2010
Research investigating how waves will affect our coastline as a result of climate change has won Louise Gates the Sydney Water Gold Medal.
16 April 2010
Australia's courts will increasingly be forced to deal with conflict between human rights and the sexist cultural traditions of some minorities in Australia, according to NSW Chief Justice Jim Spigelman.
02 September 2008
Some of Australia's top companies have provided mentors for a program aimed at helping female students achieve success in the corporate world.
05 February 2008
A team of UNSW law students will travel to the US to compete in an international law moot court competition.
13 July 2007
Leading young researchers in the area of crime and justice have been brought together by the inaugural UNSW Crime and Justice Research Network interdisciplinary student conference.
11 April 2007
Arts/Law student Fiona Cunningham has won the UNSW Harvard Travel Scholarship.