Megan Davis

23 January 2012
Should the referendum on Indigenous recognition be defeated, Australians would be branded to the world as self-conscious and deliberate racists, write Megan Davis and Marcia Langton.
20 January 2012
A panel of experts, including UNSW’s Pat Dodson and Megan Davis, has recommended formal recognition of Indigenous people in the Constitution and the removal of racially discriminatory laws.
11 January 2011
UNSW academics Pat Dodson and Megan Davis have been selected to an expert advisory panel that aims to secure constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians.
01 September 2010
NRL chief David Gallop joins panel of experts to discuss racism in Australian sport at a UNSW public forum on Wednesday, 8 September.
04 May 2010
UNSW legal academic Megan Davis is the first Australian Indigenous woman to be elected to a UN body.
24 March 2010
UNSW legal academic Megan Davis has become the first Indigenous woman to be nominated by the Australian Government as an advocate to serve the United Nations.
09 April 2009
Director of UNSW's Indigenous Law Centre, Megan Davis, has welcomed Australia's endorsement of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, describing it as "an historic decision".
01 April 2008
UNSW staff and students will shape Australia's future when they take part in the Australia 2020 summit.
17 July 2007
The implications of the Federal government's intervention in Northern Territory Indigenous communities will be examined at a national forum this week organised by UNSW's Indigenous Law Centre.