public policy

10 December 2014
Attempts to curb online bullying are like chasing a moving target and cyberbullying will continue to change and evolve irrespective of the policy regime, writes Ilan Katz. 
20 October 2014
Contrasting the recent history of the dairy and milk-processing industries in Australia and New Zealand is illuminating, writes Jenny Stewart.
06 August 2014
In the world of public policy, constant changes that are politically induced do not lead to good outcomes. Just look at the policy on Aboriginal Australians, writes Jenny Stewart.
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24 September 2013
Although the asylum-seeker problem is highly politicised, it cannot be handled in a political way. Patient work with neighbouring states is the only way to stem the tide, argues Jenny Stewart. 
16 September 2013
Economic development cannot be the sole or even the main consideration when judging the legitimacy of planning and development regulations, write Patrick Harris and Peter Sainsbury. 
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13 August 2012
If we want market forces to work for us, rather than against us, we may need to start exercising a bit more policy creativity, writes Jenny Stewart.
10 April 2012
It's just as important to have the skills to know how to interpret and make use of the ever-proliferating range of data, writes Jenny Stewart.
16 December 2011
OPINION: The so-called obesity epidemic is a more complex picture than the statistics would have us believe, writes Professor Jenny Stewart in The Canberra Times.