22 September 2014
If it is to succeed at the ballot box, a referendum on recognising Aboriginal peoples in the Australian Constitution must reflect the community's desire for change, writes George Williams.
18 July 2014
The Australian Constitution reflects our history of white settlement, but fails to mention the much longer occupation of the continent by Aboriginal peoples, writes George Williams.
24 September 2013
To avoid defeat of a referendum to recognise Aboriginal peoples in the constitution, Tony Abbott needs to champion a community-led path to the ballot box, writes George Williams.  
28 June 2013
The referendum campaign on local government is likely to leave voters confused, bored or both. But there are better ways to communicate the cases for and against, write Jackie Hartley and Paul Kildea.
17 May 2013
The local government referendum to change the Constitution on September 14 is a small-target strategy that could backfire, argues Rosalind Dixon.
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13 May 2013
The Federal Government's announcement of a referendum on recognition of local councils in the constitution is a sensible one, but that is not enough to guarantee success, write Nicola McGarrity and Lyndon Goddard.
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13 May 2013
The role of local government has expanded over the last century, assuming greater responsibilities in service-delivery. In light of this, formal recognition in the Constitution is seen by many as a must, writes Shipra Chordia.
09 May 2013
Recognition of local government in the Australian Constitution can ensure that direct federal funding for local community infrastructure and services continues, writes George Williams.
30 April 2013
Rather than uniting Australians, a plebiscite on gay marriage is likely to deepen divisions and further polarise the community, writes George Williams.
29 January 2013
The Gillard government must act swiftly to educate the public if a referendum to allow federal funding of local councils is to succeed this year, argues Professor George Williams.
09 October 2012
The government was right to defer next year's referendum on recognising Aboriginal peoples in the constitution, writes George Williams.
Sean Brennan
17 February 2012
The constitutional referendum plan, which has been clouded by confusion and negativity, now requires some fair discussion and consideration, writes Sean Brennan.
15 February 2012
Change to the Australian Constitution to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is more than mere symbolism. It will demonstrably counteract Indigenous disadvantage, argues Paul Kildea.
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31 January 2012
Only political negligence can kill off the historical referendum on Indigenous recognition, writes Professor George Williams.
23 January 2012
Should the referendum on Indigenous recognition be defeated, Australians would be branded to the world as self-conscious and deliberate racists, write Megan Davis and Marcia Langton.
20 January 2012
A panel of experts, including UNSW’s Pat Dodson and Megan Davis, has recommended formal recognition of Indigenous people in the Constitution and the removal of racially discriminatory laws.
17 January 2012
OPINION: Separating people according to their race is based upon a discredited 19th-century scientific theory. Unfortunately, this thinking remains embedded in Australia's constitutional DNA, writes Professor George Williams.
10 March 2011
Free public forum on the Recognition of Indigenous Australians in the Constitution
11 January 2011
UNSW academics Pat Dodson and Megan Davis have been selected to an expert advisory panel that aims to secure constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians.