renewable energy

05 November 2014
The government may oppose carbon trading, but it seems horse trading is another matter, with households and small business left to shoulder the costs for the RET, write Iain McGill and Johanna Cludius.
Dean of Engineering Professor Graham Davies rides the Hy-Cycle. (Photo: Grant Turner)
06 September 2014
UNSW researchers have built an Australian-first bicycle that can take riders up to 125 kilometres on a single battery charge and $2 of hydrogen.
22 July 2014
Australia already has technically feasible scenarios to run the electricity industry on 100% renewable energy, without significantly affecting supply, writes Mark Diesendorf.
11 July 2014
If the Abbott government wants to cut long-term power costs, it should consider ramping up rather than weakening the Renewable Energy Target, write Peerapat Vithayasrichareon, Iain MacGill and Jenny Riesz.
10 June 2014
In publicising the plan to cut emissions from old coal power stations, US President Barack Obama put the emphasis on health. Now it's time for Australia to do the same, write Melissa Haswell and Haydn Washington.
14 April 2014
UNSW will host a public symposium on renewable energy on Tuesday 15 April, to be addressed by leading scientists and industry experts on solar, wind and other technologies.
A "pollinator" installs a solar lamp.
14 March 2014
Engineering student Jiefei Wang spent four weeks in India, helping to provide solar power to the urban poor. He documented his work in a photo essay.
14 March 2014
The construction of two large-scale solar photovoltaic power plants in NSW could be the tipping point for Australia's renewable energy industry, writes Vassilios Agelidis.
17 February 2014
The federal government is implementing an ideological program to terminate climate action and stop the growth of renewable energy in particular, writes Mark Diesendorf. 
27 September 2013
The challenges posed by global environmental issues are very great indeed, but if all voices are heard and respected one can continue to hope that we may find the right way forward, writes Merlin Crossley. 
23 September 2013
In a hard-hitting public lecture at UNSW, Dr David Suzuki has criticised the government’s policy on climate change and exhorted Australians to embrace renewable energy.
10 September 2013
Even under a conservative government, coal-fired electricity has no future and the power of public opinion will force rapid, effective action on climate change, writes Mark Diesendorf.
08 September 2013
The Australian Energy Market Operator's determination that 100 per cent renewable energy is feasible carries a hefty credibility, writes Jenny Riesz. 
25 June 2013
The Renewable Energy Target does a good job supporting wind power, but other agencies are needed to get a diversity of renewables, writes Jenny Riesz.
31 May 2013
Australian Energy Market Operator's 100% renewables modelling has been criticised for not putting the figures into context. When done so, the 2050 renewable scenarios are similar in cost to most alternatives, writes Jenny Riesz.
Scientia Professor Martin Green
03 May 2013
UNSW's Professor Martin Green, a world leader and pioneer in solar photovoltaic technology, has been elected into the prestigious Fellowship of the Royal Society.
10 April 2013
It's an old myth that renewable energy is unreliable in supplying base-load demand, or that it is unaffordable. All we need are effective policies to drive the transition, writes Mark Diesendorf.
03 April 2013
A carbon price of between $50 and $100 per tonne would make coal-fired and gas-fired power less economical than renewable electricity, a UNSW study shows.
25 March 2013
State and local governments have a duty to complement federal climate policy, as they not only have the power but the best knowledge of the field, argues Martin C. Jones.
waddell crop
23 October 2012
Australians may be cutting back carbon-intensive activities, but until the government is more transparent about emission cuts there’s no way to check, writes Sarah Waddell.
Elizabeth Thurbon, UNSW
18 April 2012
Australia must stop backing every renewable energy option and make a public choice to back the one with the best prospects, write Elizabeth Thurbon and John Mathews.
Earth V Sky3_300x270
12 April 2012
Artist Allan Giddy’s pioneering technology is transforming Sydney’s iconic Moreton Bay fig trees into works of art.
Hugh Outhred
15 December 2011
OPINION: The release of Australia’s draft energy white paper outlines a future that is largely dependent on fossil fuels, embraces uranium and expands existing deregulation and privatisation, writes Dr Hugh Outhred.
Wind Insight will predict rapid changes in wind power output.
07 December 2011
A commercial wind power forecasting system called Wind Insight, based on UNSW research, will provide greater security to Australia’s power grid.
17 September 2007
India's renewable energy sector will receive a significant boost with the announcement of an Australian Government sponsorship package for Indian engineers to study with world class solar power experts at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.