23 February 2015
The Australian government's response to the quashing of David Hicks' conviction for providing material support to terrorism has been underwhelming, writes George Williams.
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02 February 2015
Ela Gandhi has delivered the 2015 Gandhi Oration, saying her grandfather's teachings are more relevant than ever, with Islamophobia, terrorism and climate change standing in the way of peace.
19 December 2014
UNSW experts are available over the summer break to comment on subjects ranging from terrorism, cyberbullying and road safety, to binge eating, grandparent carers and the year ahead in economics.
29 September 2014
If Islamic State is to be defeated it must be exposed for the totalitarianism it is, writes Alan Dupont.
03 April 2014
The federal government’s plan to abolish the permanent national security oversight body as part of the red tape "repeal day" is based on a flawed reading of the body's role, warn Jessie Blackbourn and Nicola McGarrity. 
20 February 2014
After 9/11, there were two kinds of lawyer: those who betrayed the rule of law, and those who were inspired to its defence, according to UCLA Professor Richard Abel, who delivers the 2014 Hal Wootten Lecture tonight.
01 February 2013
ASIO's unprecedented detention powers have led to no prosecutions and should be repealed, research led by UNSW Scientia Professor George Williams has found.
08 January 2013
One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Despite the ambiguity, finding a workable definition of "terrorism" might not be so hard, argues Fergal Davis.
19 October 2012
David Hicks' future is as much a matter of politics as the law, but getting our leaders to step in and support him seems unlikely, write Fergal Davis and Nicola McGarrity.
27 August 2009
The effectiveness of efforts by military and civilian agencies to cultivate the rule of law in Afghanistan is the focus of an international symposium at the UNSW next week.
26 August 2009
One of the world's leading counter-insurgency experts, Dr David Kilcullen, will speak at UNSW next week (Thursday, 3 September).
14 September 2007
UK-based al-Qa'ida expert Abdel Bari Atwan - the last western journalist to interview Osama bin Laden - will give a public lecture at UNSW on Monday 17 September.
16 July 2007
Since 11 September 2001 the Australian government has created 44 new laws as a key component of its efforts to combat terrorism. A major international symposium, to be held at UNSW, will look at the challenges protection from the threat of terrorism presents to the rule of law.