Professor Jenny Stewart
05 March 2012
Mainstream Christian churches face a particular challenge getting their message out in Australia's highly secularised society, writes Jenny Stewart.
24 February 2012
Australia's decades-long counter-insurgency military strategy has been a failure, argues Alan Stephens.
17 January 2012
OPINION: Beyond composting the kitchen scraps and making sure the bottles and paper go in the yellow bin, most of us are reluctant to pay the real price of our profligate lifestyles, writes Jenny Stewart.
18 August 2011
UNSW@ADFA's Dr Sameer Alam has been named the 2011 ACT Young Tall Poppy of the Year for his research in simulation and modelling of air traffic systems.
10 August 2011
Two UNSW academics have been recognised among Australia's star researchers with the award of Laureate Fellowships.
28 June 2011
Military historian Bob Hall has turned a tour of duty in Vietnam into a life's work. His team at UNSW@ADFA has identified the burial sites of thousands of Viet Cong missing in action.
22 June 2010
Scandals in sport are unavoidable and managers and sponsors should start looking for marketing opportunities in bad behaviour, according to a new study.
11 December 2009
Vice-Chancellor Professor Fred Hilmer has welcomed the extension of the University's agreement to provide academic services at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA).
18 September 2009
Researchers are closer to creating a micro-aircraft that flies with the manoeuvrability and energy efficiency of an insect after decoding the aerodynamic secrets of insect flight.