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desk dining table

Multi-purpose rooms with mobile smart furniture could be the answer to living and working in small spaces long-term.

A high-density apartment block with closed-in balconies facing a major road

Lower-income households are disproportionally represented in and affected by challenges associated with apartment living, a new report finds. 


Through his research and design work, Dr Guy Keulemans illustrates how we can preserve and enrich our culture through repair and reuse.

the sims mobile game

The link between the life simulation game and architecture is closer than you might think.

welding in the lab

The pandemic will shape the careers for next-generation industrial designers, but it won't define them, says UNSW expert.

Camilo Godoy 'Amigxs, No. 1 (Self-portrait with Brendan Mahoney, Carlos Martiel and Jorge Sánchez)' 2017. Photo: Camilo Godoy

Friendship as a Way of Life, the latest exhibition at UNSW Galleries, showcases the depth and diversity of queer kinship through its program of art, archival ephemera and in-conversations.

melbourne park

Lockdown restrictions are rolling back, but the closure of public spaces could have a lasting impact, says an architect at UNSW Built Environment.

empty modern office

Interior architects and designers will be essential to the global recovery.

Team Australia for the AI Song Contest with their song Beautiful the World

Inspired by the recent bushfires, an Australian AI-generated song that samples koala, kookaburra and Tasmanian Devil calls has taken out first place in the international contest.

A room looking out onto a lush forest virtual landscape in The Edge of the Present  Photo - Alex Davies

A VR experience developed in partnership with people with lived experience of suicidality has demonstrated rapid increases in positive mood.