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Ancient Rome and its empire had the concept of asylum at its heart. Its legacy provided inspiration for centres of power around the world, but today outsiders are no longer welcome.

Art & Design and Arts & Social Sciences students will transform Randwick Environmental Park into a vibrant outdoor gallery.

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran

UNSW Art & Design lecturer and ceramicist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran creates colourful sculptures which draw on his Hindu and Christian heritage as well as the internet, pornography, fashion and art history.

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Perhaps as a reflection of the current state of national affairs, this year's Archibald Prize exhibition is a politician-free zone.


Multidisciplinary built environment teams are developing smart street furniture that will improve our enjoyment of public spaces.


Some 50 years after the death of Marcel Duchamp, a major exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW shows why his work continues to challenge the very idea of what art may be.

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Fires and building failures highlighted serious gaps in Australian building regulations. But recent revisions and recommendations still fall short of preparing our buildings for climate change.


Eitan Muir, Bachelor of Music student and electric guitarist, talks about the meaning of jazz.


The 'plyscraper' is the product of breakthroughs in materials and the desire for sustainable urban living, says Dr Philip Oldfield, Associate Professor in UNSW’s Faculty of Built Environment.


Army ration biscuits known as 'Anzac tiles' were durable but bland - as Australian war archives show, they served as stationery, Christmas cards and and the basis of art.