Art, Architecture & Design

Fire howard inside

A photographic exhibition of burning houses and dead flowers has opened in Sydney -- the work of COFA Dean, Professor Ian Howard.

Scenario inside

A world-first artificial intelligence film experience, developed at UNSW's iCinema, is one of the centrepieces of this year's Sydney Film Festival.

Sunil inside

Postgraduate student and author Sunil Badami will explore ethnic diversity in a performance directed by world renowned photographer, William Yang.

Biennale inside

Art and architecture students will have the chance to go to the biennales in Venice and Istanbul this year, as part of a unique international course offered at UNSW.

AnyaMcKee inside

Dance student, Anya McKee, uses red paint and provocative choreography to create a visceral dance experience for the screen.

Nickatkins inside

A performance based on the tension between society and technology has won theatre honours student Nick Atkins the Cate Blanchett Prize.

Cabin snow inside

The next generation of artists has shared in $60,000 worth of prizes and scholarships at the COFA Annual - the 2010 graduating exhibition, held for the first time at CarriageWorks.

Karskens Gillard inside

Dr Grace Karskens' intimate account of the early days of Sydney in The Colony has won the $100,000 Prime Minister's Literary Award for nonfiction.

Charles schneider work inside

COFA graduate Charles Schneider's award-winning crown-of-thorns wallpaper has taken over part of Sydney's iconic coastline at Bondi as part of the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.

WilliamYang inside

For a group of final-year media students the chance to collaborate with world renowned photographer, William Yang, has been the highlight of their degree.