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Inside an empty bus, with retro orange bus seats

Pi O is known for his wit and irreverence. His anarchism, reflexive anti-Americanism and anti-capitalism are all part of the deal.

Row of apartment blocks

Apartment residents need more sustainable, climate-adapted designs. They shouldn’t have to depend on costly, high-emissions air conditioning to remain comfortable and healthy.

pocket park in alexandria

In growing cities, where we need to squeeze the most out of every parcel of land, where do we find the space for new outdoor recreational areas?

pocket park in alexandria

These miniature-sized parks could help insert more public recreational spaces into our cities.


Bypassing planning regulations is likely to have impacts on social inequity and wellbeing that could prove very costly for both governments and people.

Quay Quarter Tower

How we reduce CO2 emissions in the built environment is changing – with focus moving from energy efficiency to reducing embodied carbon, according to UNSW’s Philip Oldfield.

rafael lozano-hemmer poses inside one of the exhibits

This new show at the Powerhouse Museum reflects the chaos of the digital world and the ubiquity of digital tracking.

Pile of fabric scraps

Greater consideration of the clothes we buy and how we look after them can lead to more equitable and environmentally friendly practices, says UNSW Associate Professor of Design Alison Gwilt.

Artist Nicole Monksat UNSW Galleries barangga exhibtion

An immersive exhibition of First Nations design invites visitors into the creative process through workshops and videos sharing the stories behind the works.

A woman sits on stairs using a typewriter

‘Literary couples are a plague,’ wrote Elsa Morante, married to Alberto Moravia. They’re one of the couples in this lively exploration of what happens when two writers share loves and lives.