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The UN has condemned “systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations” in North Korea. Hear former High Court judge Michael Kirby speak at UNSW about the political and human rights reality in the rogue state.

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More political leadership is needed if the push for constitutional recognition is to emerge from its prolonged holding pattern, writes Paul Kildea.

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The current "faint" campaign for constitutional reform must be made more concrete and coherent if meaningful Indigenous recognition is to be achieved, UNSW Professor Megan Davis has told the Senate. 

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The international tax architecture, as it relates to the activities of multinational corporations, is horribly out of date, writes Chris Evans.

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Australians have few options if they want a stable income after retirement that is insured against longevity, investment and inflation risk, write Rafal Chomik and Hazel Bateman.

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The Carbon Pricing Mechanism passed away in Canberra, aged two, after a long battle with slogans, writes Paul Twomey.

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The Australian Constitution reflects our history of white settlement, but fails to mention the much longer occupation of the continent by Aboriginal peoples, writes George Williams.

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Financial system regulation places far too much faith in self-proclaimed fairness and in systems that have not been properly tested, writes Justin O'Brien.

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An early election is unlikely, not least because Tony Abbott would probably lose. But if the government takes the double dissolution option it will most likely be in 2016, writes George Williams.

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The proposed takeover of David Jones by the South African-based Woolworths highlights problems with Australian regulations, writes Michael Peters.