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At a cost of A$826 million, the processing and detention of around 2,500 asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island is a scandalous waste of taxpayers' money, write Joyce Chia and Claire Higgins.

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If Brazil can successfully host the World Cup, its rewards in the stock market, international trade, tourism and global politics will outweigh the huge costs of running the event, writes Tim Harcourt.


The ICAC’s job is to investigate allegations of corruption, as it is defined broadly in the Act. The ICAC is an investigator, not a prosecutor, writes Nicholas Cowdrey.

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The facts about American higher education belie common Australian worries about affordability and quality, writes Geoffrey Garrett.

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The federal government's view on advocacy is dangerous to democracy and to civil society, writes Joyce Chia.

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There is now a large disparity between the responsibilities of the Commonwealth and the states and their relative capacities to fund those responsibilities, writes Shipra Chordia.

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Full public funding for NSW election campaigns has immediate appeal, but closer inspection shows it's fraught with many problems, not in the least the huge cost to taxpayers, writes George Williams.

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The Federal Government’s plan to repeal section 18C from the Racial Discrimination Act and its potential impact on Indigenous Australians will be the focus of a public forum at UNSW this Wednesday.

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With intense competition placing pressure on the world’s airlines to keep pushing down operating costs, maintenance is an obvious first resort for cost-saving, write Doug Fraser and Ian Hampson.

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The adoption of a common fund approach for class actions rather than the ill-fitting contingency fee would involve little extra work for courts and lawyers, writes Michael Legg.