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The first international study to evaluate the redress options available to Indonesian workers who suffer abuse and exploitation abroad, recommends major legal reforms to improve their access to justice.

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Financial markets provide a useful reminder of just how humble we economists should be about our understanding of the world, write Richard Holden and Justin Wolfers. 

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New laws ending the ‘right to silence’ when being questioned by police run the risk of causing the miscarriage of justice, the state’s former top prosecutor Nicholas Cowdery QC has told a UNSW public lecture.

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Australians like to think of their country as a land of the "fair go". But for minorities, equal dignity is not guaranteed by any overriding constitutional provision, argues Michael Kirby. 

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Join former NSW DPP and UNSW Visiting Professorial Fellow Nicholas Cowdery as he reflects on 45 years as a criminal lawyer, in the final UNSW Law Justice Talks lecture for the year this Tuesday 18 October.

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Hear from a panel of experts as they examine the regulation of doping from a range of legal perspectives in a public forum moderated by Tracey Holmes, this Thursday 10 October.

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Anyone can form their own micro nation but this does not mean they can ignore the rules of the land, or not pay tax, writes George Williams. 

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If Tony Abbott and Andrew Robb are serious about the future of Australia’s education sector as a key export earner, the FTA negotiations at hand seem like a practical place to start, writes Laurie Pearcey. 

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All second term presidents become lame ducks at some point. But recent events suggest Obama’s end may come sooner than imagined, writes Geoffrey Garrett. 

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Research in the relatively new field of neurofinance by Dr Elise Payzan-LeNestour is showing that the brains of some people may be hard wired for success in finance.