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There are signs our frothy housing market, combined with rising interest rates, could have serious consequences for our economy, writes Richard Holden.


The Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences has been awarded to Richard Thaler, an excellent choice that reflects an important shift in economics over the last three decades, Richard Holden writes.


The High Court will begin hearing the cases of seven federal parliamentarians who are citizens of other nations. If it was only a matter of applying the letter of the law, their fates would be clear, writes George Williams.


Data released this week in Australia and the United States showed continued strength – or at least a lack of weakness – in consumer spending and unemployment, writes Richard Holden.


UNSW Law is among the world’s top 35 university law courses, according to the Times Higher Education’s latest subject rankings.


One of very few researchers examining gender equity in the Australian public sector, Dr Sue Willamson is a finalist in the ACT Telstra Business Women’s Awards.


Parliament should discontinue its prayers and instead seek to respect and acknowledge people of all beliefs, writes George Williams.


The market welcomed statements from the US Federal Reserve and the RBA, but there isn't much to be happy about.


Open banking will allow customers to use their data in a range of ways, including seeing how they are faring financially against people in similar situations, writes Rob Nicholls.


It is vital for companies to close the feedback loop and provide employees with information about what makes them tick, writes Amirali Minbashian.