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President Donald Trump’s shift to focus on trade may have unintended consequences, UNSW Business School’s Tim Harcourt has warned. 


A simple referendum question about consitutional change would leave the parliament to handle the detail of how to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders a voice in the legislative process, writes Rosalind Dixon.


The Referendum Council’s report is the conclusion of 18 months of consultation and discussion, including six months of regional dialogues with Indigenous people.


Australia’s taxation system is under attack from widespread tax minimisation, excessive deductions, poorly designed property taxes and gender bias. But help is at hand.

Richard Holden

With slow wages growth it will be hard for households to “de-lever” themselves, writes Richard Holden.


Tony Abbott's conservative manifesto proposal for governments to bypass the Senate is a step too far in the balance of federal power, writes George Williams.

financial crisis

Why does the Chair of the United States Federal Reserve say another financial crisis is unlikely in our lifetimes, asks Richard Holden.


The recent forced removal of homeless people from a camp in central Sydney raises some difficult questions, writes Amelia Thorpe.


The Treasurer's federal bank tax has fired the starting gun on a race-to-the-bottom of the worst kind among the states, writes Richard Holden.

pay rise

For a whole lot of workers in Australia, cutting a better pay deal is very hard, writes Richard Holden.