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Portrait of Rosemary Kayess

Ms Kayess will be the first woman with lived experience of disability to hold the office since the inaugural commissioner, who was appointed 30 years ago.

High Court of Australia

The High Court judges unanimously held that a person must be released from immigration detention where there is no real prospect of them being deported in the foreseeable future.

Megan Davis

Professor Davis’ appointment to the Academy of the Humanities completes a rare trifecta. She has already been appointed to the Academies of Law and of Social Sciences.

Aerial view of Tuvalu

Historically, most Pacific visa programs in Australia have been tied to labour mobility. And none has specifically referenced climate change as a driving rationale.

Teenage girl reading her phone in bed

The plaintiffs claim features such as ‘infinite scroll’ leave users less likely to be able to exercise self-control.

Man reading his phone at night

The Guardian has accused Microsoft of reputational damage, after it displayed one of its articles alongside an inappropriate AI-generated poll.

NSW Police search a young woman

A UNSW Law academic says a NSW Police program was rightfully abandoned after a five-year investigation.

Police dog on a lead sniffing a brown suitcase next to a bench

New research shows that not only is the use of drug detection dogs ineffective, it may in fact increase the risk of drug-related harm.

Supermarket surveillance

A UNSW consumer psychologist says that supermarkets need to take a new approach to ease shopper frustrations.

businessperson in a meeting at the office

Research shows start-up founders have distinct personality traits, and they’re more important to the success of their companies than previously thought.