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It ought to be possible to replace Australia's minimum wage with a higher "living wage" without putting people our of work, but more will be needed.


Australian policymakers should respect the economic independence of Pacific nations, says Tim Harcourt.  


When the Reserve Bank considers the numbers around inflation, it knows it has little choice but to act, says Professor Richard Holden.

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The UNSW interdisciplinary team created a service for GPs to help them efficiently find suitable community care for their patients.


The media loves a victim, but sympathy for someone who won't spend what they've got because they're saving for their children is taking it too far.


Autonomous weapons are cheap and fast but there is rising concern at their ability to make decisions that value human life.


A Smart Inclining Bed created by a leukaemia survivor is preventing falls and pressure sores in Australian nursing homes. 

Climate Change and Displacement

Every second, someone is displaced as a result of a disaster or climate change.

Associate Professor Josh Keller

How people react to someone hiring a personal acquaintance depends on their cultural background and where they are in the world, says UNSW's Josh Keller.


Statistics on women in management are in drastic need of change, says a UNSW Business School student.