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High court inside

The High Court handed down a record number of unanimous decisions in 2009 - the first full year of Robert French's tenure as Chief Justice of Australia - a UNSW analysis shows.

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Surf's up and so too are undergraduate enrolments in the summer school at the Australian School of Business.

The AGSM MBA is the leading full-time program in Australia and 36th in the world, according to the Financial Times (UK) ranking of the top 100 MBA programs.

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The Reserve Bank Deputy Governor has told a conference hosted by UNSW that banks can no longer use borrowing costs to justify oversized rate rises.

Carbonpermits inside

Researchers from the Australian School of Business will be at the forefront of designing the auction system for Australia's carbon pollution permits.

Israeli human rights advocate and litigator Professor Frances Raday will deliver the Australian Human Rights Centre annual lecture at the University of New South Wales on Tuesday 17 November.

Treasury Secretary Dr Ken Henry said Australia's quick response to the global financial crisis was a big contributor to avoiding the scale of the recession experienced in the US.

UNSW's Australian School of Taxation (Atax) has reinforced its position as the country's leading tax school with its selection on the Federal Government's Tax Design Advisory Panel.

Poverty week inside

Is child sponsorship exploitation? Can fair trade products make a difference? What can we do to alleviate poverty in Australia and abroad? Find out more at Anti-Poverty Week at UNSW.

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UNSW legal experts have welcomed a landmark report's recommendation that Australia introduce a human rights act.