ARC LIEF grants

The funding will provide access to world-class infrastructure to support UNSW research projects.

Noah Bedford and Veronica Sebesfi

Noah Bedford and Veronica Sebesfi are among 16 Australians named as 2024 John Monash scholars.

UNSW Library Lawn

The grants will support research in science, engineering, medicine, business, sociology, and defence.

Renewable Energy Storage Technologies

The study lays out a comprehensive plan for establishing a thriving new renewables industry in NSW.

dingo in australian outback

There’s been a long-standing debate over whether dingoes started out wild or domesticated. One thing is clear – they had a close relationship with First Peoples.

Woman in a hammock reading a book

When Jane Gleeson-White’s marriage ended two years after her mother died, she lost her voice. Books by women writers like Rachel Cusk, Olivia Laing and Maggie Nelson helped her find it again.

Lise Lafferty

Lise Lafferty has been recognised for her world-leading approach to managing hepatitis C in prisons.

Esme Timbery

The celebrated artist inspired the naming of UNSW’s Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab.

A Palestinian family walks through a bombed street in Gaza

Israel’s warning to civilians in Gaza of impending attacks must be ‘effective’ under international law, meaning it must not only reach people but allow them sufficient time to evacuate safely.

Signatories of the Indonesian student MOU

UNSW is set to deepen its regional ties through a new program with Indonesia’s major electricity provider.