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When classes resumed this year, one million students, including a record first-year intake, were enrolled in the nation's 41 universities: the largest single cohort of students in our history.

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For the eighth consecutive year, UNSW has been recognised as an Employer of Choice for its initiatives to support and advance women in the workplace.

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Fifty grants worth more than $30 million have been awarded to UNSW in the latest round of funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council - the University's best ever result.

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Paintings from some of Australia's leading Aboriginal artists are on display at a major public exhibition at Shalom College at UNSW this week.

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The recent downpours in coastal Sydney have not all disappeared down the drains. About eight Olympic swimming pools of water have been collected in UNSW's percolation pit - most of which has been returned to groundwater supplies.

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UNSW has built Sydney's largest percolation pit on its Kensington campus. The pit drains the storm water from 70 percent of the campus into the Botany aquifer.