artists at studio a

In a Sydney community centre, a group of artists with and without disabilities are showing how creativity can connect us all.

David Gonski

UNSW Sydney extends David Gonski’s term as Chancellor to 2023.

UNSW campus

The newest future fellows have been awarded $11.5 million to conduct research that will deliver significant health, scientific, environmental, social and economic benefits.

exam student

New research shows the community wants a range of skills other than those that relate to 'stressful' Year 12 exams to also be considered for university entry assessment.

A UNSW report says Australia's major gas, coal and oil producing companies which are contributing to climate harms have a moral responsibility to rapidly phase out their operations and retire their assets

A UNSW Practical Justice Initiative report says the emissions produced annually from the fossil fuels sold by Australia’s major gas, coal and oil producers are larger than the emissions of all Australians.

Adriana Verges Emerging Thought Leader

Associate Professor Adriana Vergés is recognised for her creative and persuasive leadership in the public interest.


The Australian Maritime Development Centre will play a vital role in the nation's naval future.

Dr Sandy Evans has been inducted into the Australian Jazz Bell Awards Hall of Fame

Dr Sandy Evans has been recognised for her outstanding artistic achievement and contribution to Australian jazz.

Jobs in regional areas will be among the first products of the NSW Circular recycling and manufacturing network.

Scientia building

UNSW Sydney number one in Australia for its contribution to research in natural sciences.