Katharine Kemp

Dr Katharine Kemp from UNSW Law is leading the Grand Challenge on Trust, focusing on experts, institutions and data practice.

Tim Brand

The UNSW Business School student is determined not to get caught up in selection hype as his team prepares for Tokyo 2020.


A record 27 students were listed in the Top100 Future Leaders Awards, with three students topping their chosen field.

Professor Claire Annesley

Claire Annesley plans to build on the Faculty’s international reputation continuing to attract students and academics to take on society’s most pressing problems.

Shen Narayanasamy

The annual Gandhi Lecture was hosted at UNSW Sydney this week to commemorate India’s Martyrs’ Day.

kangaroos in a paddock

Pressure is mounting on fashion producers to stop using skins from Australian native animals. But Indigenous people are reviving traditions and there are ethical ways for trade to continue.


Research has shown if students are not given problem-solving opportunities after they have learnt the basics, their learning can decline.


People die protecting homes. They are wrong to believe their homes will protect them.


The bushfire crisis has challenged Australia's acceptance of what is normal in an Aussie summer, how we protect our health and environments, and what we think life will be like in the future.

UNSW main walkway

Trailblazing UNSW Sydney academics join distinguished alumni and friends on the 2020 Australia Day honours list.