One of the most comprehensive public collections of human pathology anywhere in the world - the Museum of Human Disease at UNSW - is opening its doors to greater access for the general public.

Balnaves students inside

Three Indigenous medical students have been named UNSW's inaugural Balnaves Scholars, pledging to work to close the gap on Indigenous health.

Gunning obama inside

President Obama's decision to allow US experiments on embryonic stem cells will boost Australian research, according to UNSW's Professor Peter Gunning.

StemCells inside

UNSW researchers have developed a world-first procedure to help stem cells regenerate damaged tissue, offering new hope to sufferers of muscle-wasting diseases.

Fatstorage inside

Women's ability to store fat more efficiently than men has for the first time been linked to oestrogen.

Perinatal inside

Mental health issues associated with childbearing now have a dedicated research focus with the establishment of the country's first chair in perinatal and women's mental health.

Babies inside

Women who give birth in public hospitals are more likely to suffer serious complications and their babies are at greater risk of death, UNSW research shows.

NHMRC Kaldor inside

UNSW professors have dominated the latest round of NHMRC funding, winning a record 80 percent of the $39.6 million on offer in NSW.

Treating high blood pressure may have a major role in preventing dementia, according to a UNSW researcher, whose new book is based on the latest medical research.

NHMRC paxinos inside

The Federal Government has honoured two of the University's top medical researchers with prestigious Australia Fellowships worth $4 million each.