It may seem like a backward step, but a discovery by UNSW researchers that a new treatment for liver cancer encourages rather than reduces tumour growth provides valuable insight into the complex biology of cancer cells.


UNSW medical researchers in the Translational Neuroscience Facility are partnering with a drug development company to discover new treatments to limit the damage of traumatic brain injury.


UNSW researchers have investigated the impact of probiotics on gut health and cognitive function, and found they don't always live up to their promise and could even have negative impacts on memory.

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There are better ways to boost vaccination rates than excluding kids from child care, writes Raina MacIntyre.

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Professor Raina MacIntyre is on the front line of the fight against emerging bio-threats. She warns biosecurity breaches could be as catastrophic as nuclear war.


The risk of developing bipolar disorder has a correlation with weak connections in the emotional areas of the brain. 


Australians with a disability are dying from avoidable deaths at twice the rate of the general population, and many deaths are attributed to the wrong cause.

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Terri Foran looks at some common misconceptions and concerns about changes to the cervical cancer screening program. 


You'll see your brain in a whole new way at a hands-on workshop at UNSW's Museum of Human Disease during Brain Awareness Week.


By 2050, infections from resistant bacteria will overtake cancer as the leading cause of death globally, writes Alex Broom.