Perinatal inside

Mental health issues associated with childbearing now have a dedicated research focus with the establishment of the country's first chair in perinatal and women's mental health.

Babies inside

Women who give birth in public hospitals are more likely to suffer serious complications and their babies are at greater risk of death, UNSW research shows.

NHMRC Kaldor inside

UNSW professors have dominated the latest round of NHMRC funding, winning a record 80 percent of the $39.6 million on offer in NSW.

Treating high blood pressure may have a major role in preventing dementia, according to a UNSW researcher, whose new book is based on the latest medical research.

NHMRC paxinos inside

The Federal Government has honoured two of the University's top medical researchers with prestigious Australia Fellowships worth $4 million each.

Masks inside

Donning a mask boosts protection from respiratory illnesses such as influenza, UNSW research has found, but convincing a reluctant public is proving a struggle.

John Hodges inside

Sarcasm might be the lowest form of wit but something's amiss if you can't detect it, according to UNSW researchers.

Sick genes inside

People with certain high-risk gene combinations are eight times more likely to suffer from a severe and prolonged illness when they have an infection.

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Cells from the human nose are showing further promise in remediating spinal cord injury, according to research from the University of New South Wales.

Julian Trollor inside

A leading researcher has been appointed to a new Chair at UNSW to drive efforts at improving support for some of the most vulnerable people in society.