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UNSW has won $22.8 million in National Health and Medical Research Council grants, the second largest amount Australia-wide and far ahead of any other university in the State. 

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UNSW has performed strongly in the latest analysis by the federal government of the impact of its health and medical research funding.

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The variability of herbal therapies from batch to batch means gathering reliable evidence of effectiveness is almost impossible, writes Susan Walters.  

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Fewer drug cheats at the Winter Olympics? Or are Winter Olympians simply better at beating the tests, asks Jason Mazanov.

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Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death has caused old heroin myths to resurface, but we need hard facts if we want evidence-based interventions to help those who are addicted, write Shane Darke and Michael Farrell. 

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With cancer now the world's biggest killer, it's clear that we won't beat the disease with treatments alone, says Bernard Stewart, co-editor of the World Cancer Report. What's needed is more legisation to regulate our behaviour. 

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A new book co-authored by UNSW's Gordon Parker sheds light on the often misunderstood issue of perinatal depression and matches personal stories with advice from leading researchers. 

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Judging foods only by their saturated or monounsaturated fat content ignores their complete nutritional profile, writes Rosemary Stanton. 

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There’s certainly no good rationale for using hypnotic drugs for the long-term, and there are effective non-drug options for treating insomnia that are not pursued nearly often enough, argues Ric Day. 

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A world-first study has revealed a breakthrough for dependent cannabis users, with a medication providing significant relief from withdrawal symptoms.