Michelle Haber

Professor Michelle Haber has been honoured for outstanding contributions to childhood cancer research. 

Woman wearing face mask

This is expected to be the smallest Omicron wave so far. But eligible older and vulnerable people are still recommended to have a booster.

A doctor and patient look at results

Up to 20% of Australians admitted in hospital say they have a penicillin allergy. But not everyone who thinks they’re allergic to penicillin actually is.

Person taking photo of feet dangling over ocean cliff

The content on social media platforms doesn’t always portray the locations accurately, setting unrealistic expectations and even luring tourists into trouble.

Doctor checks pulse of tibial artery during patient examination

The new intervention keeps the blood vessel open and reduces the risk of amputation.

cancer cell illustration

Researchers have identified genetic tests that predict which cancer patients may benefit from the drugs in combination with chemotherapy.

Man sitting in wheelchair looks across a light-filled room

Currently, when someone turns 65 they are not eligible to apply for NDIS support, even if they had disability before then. We asked experts if that should change.

person looking at a sunset

As Australia heads into summer with an El Niño, it’s important to understand and prepare for the health risks associated with extreme weather.

young girl holding asthma inhaler

A study of nearly 19,000 children who sought care at hospital for COVID-19 during the pandemic shows those with asthma were not at greater risk of serious infection.

Photo of two Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

Researchers have identified early warning signs for severe dengue fever, which could lead to better diagnosis and treatment.