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Heat stress inside

Heat stress would make life intolerable for humans in most currently inhabited regions on Earth if the worst-case global warming scenario was to happen, a new study finds.

Rob Brooks 2 inside

Research shedding new light on the battle of the sexes has earned Professor Rob Brooks one of the Australian Academy of Science's highest accolades for an early-career researcher.

Valanoor inside

Rising research star, Associate Professor Nagarajan Valanoor, has been recognised for work which "puts Australia on the world map" in advanced materials development.

Super science inside

Projects to search for planets beyond our solar system and to better understand the impact of climate change on Australia's groundwater resources have won five Super Science Fellowships.

Rat inside

Rats use their whiskers much like we use fingertips to feel objects, processing sensations in the same part of the brain, a new study has found.

Satellite inside

Demand for professionals in geospatial technologies such as GPS is exploding as Australia faces a critical shortage of graduates, a UNSW researcher has warned.

Sami Kara inside

UNSW's Life Cycle Engineering group has established a new collaboration with German researchers to focus on making multinational manufacturing processes and resource consumption more sustainable.

Ancestor inside skeleton

In a discovery that could rewrite the story of human evolution, scientists working in South Africa including UNSW's Andy Herries have identified the remains of a new species of ancient human.

Dyson finalists

Three designs by UNSW Faculty of Built Environment industrial design students in the running for this year's James Dyson Award.

Francois Martina inside

Everyday communication is changing rapidly. Thanks to UNSW research, one day you may be able to pick up an e-newspaper or see animations on your cereal box. In the 2010 edition of Research@UNSW we hear about this and other work that is changing the world.