Science & Tech

CIES launch inside

UNSW has positioned itself as a key authority on critical infrastructure risks and requirements with the establishment of the new Centre for Infrastructure Engineering & Safety.

Phoropter machine

UNSW and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT have agreed to establish what is believed to be the world's first ocular imaging centre to offer free diagnosis and management services to the general community.

Indonalumniweb inside

Held hostage by Islamic extremists in a cave in Iraq, Indonesian journalist Meutya Hafid felt a lifetime of memories flashing before her, including her five years as a student at UNSW.

ATSE inside

Three UNSW researchers have been honoured as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Technical Sciences and Engineering for their outstanding contributions to advancing scientific and engineering knowledge.

Juries inside

Jurors presented with gruesome evidence are up to five times more likely to convict a defendant than jurors not privy to such evidence, UNSW research reveals.

Fred and Verity

It's official. UNSW's new Chemical Sciences Building and Analytical Centre is open for business.

Prawn inside

A UNSW food science researcher has developed a new technique for extracting a powerful antioxidant found in one of Australia's favourite seafood snacks.

Antartica TibetDrZhu inside

Space scientists from UNSW and China have built an unmanned observatory destined for what they hope is the world's best place for stargazing in Antarctica.

Veena inside

Commercial production of the world's first "green" steel is underway at the Sydney furnaces of Onesteel, following a global licensing agreement between the Australian steelmaker and UNSW.

Shi visit inside

UNSW's role in China's solar future was the focus of attention during a visit from the head of one of that country's fastest-growing cities - and the former photovoltaics student who is now one of China's richest men.