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“The time of solar has arrived and this is good news for the world.”


“We cannot hand over the decision as to who lives and who dies to machines. They do not have the ethics to do so.”


Waste microfactories are revolutionising recycling as the world’s waste crisis continues to escalate.


The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Quantum Computation and Communication Technology at UNSW Sydney has been officially launched. 


Scientia Professor David Waite is improving environmental outcomes at home in Australia and around the world.


As a leading authority in marine ecology, Professor Emma Johnston is a prominent advocate for more women at the top tiers of science.


UNSW Sydney – and Australia – is at the forefront in the quest to develop the world’s first commercial scale quantum computer.

India recycling.jpg

For as little as $4 a day Indian workers process dangerous, toxic waste by hand. This unregulated, highly polluting industry is hidden away from police eyes.


Professor John Church wants everyone to speak up about one of the biggest issues facing the world.


A UNSW Sydney study says more evidence is needed before declaring the dingo a feral animal, casting a shadow over state governments’ justification for culling Australia’s largest carnivorous mammal.