Science & Tech

Computergames inside

Australian computer game designers have taken on the rest of the world in a 48-hour, non-stop contest co-organised in Sydney by UNSW.

Wollemipine inside

UNSW students have sequenced the genome of the ancient Wollemi Pine - a world first that could reveal how a "dinosaur" of the tree kingdom has survived 200 million years.

CFLBulbs inside

Most new energy-efficient CFL globes fail to live up to manufacturers' claims that they emit as much light as an "equivalent" incandescent lamp.

Sun inside

UNSW's world-leading solar cell research has received a boost with a $4 million grant to further develop high-efficiency silicon solar cell technology.

Kingsford wetlands Inside

The seemingly miraculous life-giving properties of water in Australia's parched heartlands are the subject of a documentary on ABC TV, featuring UNSW's Richard Kingsford.

Quantum dot1 inside

The arrival of superfast quantum computing is closer following recent breakthroughs by an international team led by UNSW researchers.

Climate inside

Most Australians believe climate change is happening now and is caused by human activity, according to preliminary results from a new national survey.

Bionic eye inside

A functioning bionic eye is a step closer to reality after the federal government awarded $42 million in funding to a consortium including leading UNSW researchers.

Adrian Clark inside

A UNSW graduate engineer helping develop smart grid technologies for NSW has been named Australia's Young Professional Engineer of the Year.

LIEF inside

UNSW will boost its strength nanotechnology, clean energy and biotechnologies following its success the latest round of federal government infrastructure grants.