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Uniken serendipity

It can take years of study to create a chance discovery so just how important is serendipity in scientific breakthroughs?

Tallpoppies melissa green

Work on mood and psychotic disorders, high blood pressure and tumour growth has won three researchers NSW Young Tall Poppy Awards.

Satellite inside 0

UNSW has teamed up with major industry partner, Thales, to establish an innovative new masters program in space engineering research.

Archaeopteryx inside 0

The 150-million-year-old Archaeopteryx fossil is still the first known bird despite an earlier study suggesting otherwise, new research reveals.

Cooks inside

New research pinpoints raw sewage as the source of more than a dozen chemicals polluting Sydney's Cooks River.


An innovation that increases the accuracy of satellite navigation, including in GPS and smartphones, has caught the eye of international space agencies and delivered UNSW a major award.

Sunswift race

UNSW's solar racing car, Sunswift, is in the middle of a gruelling battle against the best in the world, as it competes in a global solar car challenge from Darwin to Adelaide.

UNSW's Sunswift solar racing team lets race fans get up close and personal in gruelling 3000km global solar challenge across Australia

Male fish adjust the effort they put into courtship based on the quantity and attractiveness of the females they have recently encountered, a new study has found.

Dolphin inside

Having good friends and relatives isn't only valued by humans. In dolphin "families", positive social interactions are more than twice as important as genes in determining successful reproduction, new research shows.