Science & Tech

UNSW researchers will be vying for top honours in the 2009 Eureka Prizes, the "Oscars" of Australian science.

STC inside

Cate Blanchett's Sydney Theatre Company is installing Australia's largest-capacity solar power system using technology developed by UNSW.

Rescuerobot inside

The UNSW rescue robot team has turned in a powerful performance at the world championship RoboCup 2009 competition in Austria.

Blackhole inside

The first solid evidence of a new class of medium-sized black holes has been discovered in a distant galaxy by an international team of astronomers.

WRL inside

UNSW's Water Research Laboratory has marked 50 years of providing unique and invaluable advice and analysis on the diverse challenges of managing and understanding our water resources.

Ianacworth inside

Climate variability, not land-clearing, is the main trigger of soil salinity, according to a major groundwater study that overturns decades of research.

Banksia inside

UNSW's work to create a more environmentally sustainable campus has been recognised with a finalist nomination in the coveted Banksia Environmental Awards.

Bionic eye technology developed at UNSW is giving Sydney a glimpse of the future in an exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum.

Ken Buckle inside

Global extremes of obesity and undernourishment are two of our biggest food problems, says Emeritus Professor Ken Buckle, newly elected Fellow of the US Institute of Food Technologists.

Matt England inside

Family First senator Stephen Fielding has fallen hook, line and sinker for some of the most commonly paraded furphies of the climate change naysayer brigade, writes Professor Matt England.